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The best way to travel with your Brompton bike


Hexa.Go is founded by a team of passionate bikers as a solution to the outdoor enthusiast. The brand’s innovative bike accessories integrate new fabrics, functions, and technologies for the modern active outdoorsmen.  

By working with a team of professional sports bags specialists and integrating advanced fabrics and trims, our goal is to create premium quality bike accessories to fulfil the needs of cycling folks. 

Hexa.Go’s pilot launch is our “Ultra-light” bike bag series, proudly compatible with iconic Brompton folding bike as well as any folded bikes with a front mounting device. Our bags are well adored by adventurous city dwellers, to leisure travellers and smart causal business individuals. 

Hexa.Go holds a reputation in excellence as we continue to offer impeccable quality biking bags and equipment.  We love to share our expertise and enthusiasm and so we are always happy to hear from our customers. Contact Hexa.Go if you have any suggestions or comments.


Designed to 

Protect your gear

Work with your Brompton

Be strong and durable

Durable and water resistant

Our products are made from X-Pac® fabrics which is proven to be built for long haul, long lasting journeys, far from the landfill.  Starting from our supply chain, we adopted X-Pac® as our main material  because they have achieved their initial carbon neutrality goals, exceeding all environmental and labor standards set forth by North American and European regulatory commissions.

Water resistant ultra light backpack for Brompton bikes in black


Ultra light bike saddle bag in black


Ultra Light Compact Wallet

Ultra light mini wallet in black


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